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Author, consultant and expert on adapting applications for the cloud.


I'm an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the CTO of Cloud Architectures for IBM Cloud Lab Services and Support.  I have been programming professionally since I was sixteen and and have been focusing on design and implementation of large-scale Enterprise systems for over twenty years.  I write constantly for IBM DeveloperWorks, hold Google Hangouts and host web chats, and record YouTube Videos for IBM.  I've written seven books, including the recent Modern Web Development with IBM WebSphere, and am a series editor for IBM Press.



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Accessing your on-prem data from Bluemix

Kyle Brown, Arcangelo Di Balsamo, Satya Sreenivas, Federico Spiti, Jeffrey Kwong

Cloud Application Recipes

Paul Bahrs and Kyle Brown

Map Workloads to the Cloud

Ben Fernandes and Kyle Brown

Provide High Availability and Disaster Recovery in IBM Bluemix

Eduardo Patricino and Kyle Brown

Refactoring to Microservices Part 3: Roadmap to Services Adoption

Kyle Brown

Refactoring to Microservices Part 2: What to consider when moving your data.

Kyle Brown

Refactoring to Microservices Part 1: What to consider when refactoring your monolith.

Kyle Brown


Create cognitive plugins for Minecraft with Bluemix, Docker, and Watson, Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4

Kyle Brown, Joseph Kozhaya and Srinivas Cheemalapati


Mobile Development Method Track

Roland Barcia and Kyle Brown


Cloud Native Method Track

Kyle Brown and Rachel Reinitz


Bootcamp Training

Kyle Brown


Center of Competency

Kyle Brown



Kyle Brown


Continuous Delivery

Kyle Brown


Automated Deployment

Kyle Brown


Move your Java Application into a Hybrid Cloud using Bluemix Pt 3

Kyle Brown, Ruth Willenborg, Arunava Majumdar


Move your Java Application into a Hybrid Cloud using Bluemix Pt 1

Kyle Brown, Ruth Willenborg


Examining IT as a Process

Kyle Brown


Build a Cloud-Ready Temperature Sensor with the Arduino Uno and the IOT Foundation Pt 2

Kyle Brown


Build a Cloud-Ready Temperature Sensor with the Arduino Uno and the IOT Foundation Pt 1

Kyle Brown


Adoption Scenarios for IBM PureApplication System

Kyle Brown, Bobby Woolf, Rajeev Gandhi and Venkata Gadepalli


Top 9 Rules for Cloud Applications

Kyle Brown and Mike Capern


Predictive Cache Loading

Kyle Brown


Comment Lines: Pattern deployment lease policies for IBM Workload Deployer and IBM PureApplication System

Kyle Zhu, Helen Yao and Kyle Brown


Backup and Recovery in IBM PureApplication System

Kyle Brown


Achieving Business Continuity in IBM PureApplication System

Kyle Brown and Linwood Overby


Best Practices for Pattern Adoption in IBM PureApplication System

Kyle Brown, Rajeev Gandhi and Venkata Gadepalli


Organizational Structure in PureApplication System Operations

Kyle Brown, Rajeev Gandhi and Venkata Gadepalli


Aligning Organizations to Achieve Integrated Systems Benefits with IBM PureApplication System

Vincent Belfoure, Kyle Brown, Jeffrey Coveyduc, Son Huynh


High Availability Topologies for PureApplication System

Kyle Brown, Andre Tost and Rohith Ashok


Preparing for PureApplication System Part 2: Is your Application ready to become Virtual?

Kyle Brown


Principles and Best Practices for building high performing and highly resilient WebSphere Extreme Scale Applications

Kyle Brown, Stacy Joines, Hiroshi Yamamoto and Billy Newport


Paying back Technical Debt

Kyle Brown


Problem Determination through Defensive Infrastructure Architecture: Part 1: Runtime deployments with queues and ESBs

Kyle Brown and Alex Polozoff


Developing Defensively: Part 1; Defensive Architecture

Kyle Brown and Carolyn Norton


Avoiding three common pain points for XML and Web Services

Kyle Brown


SOA lessons learned for Web 2.0

Kyle Brown, Rachel Reinitz


SOA for the Web

Kyle Brown, Gennaro Cuomo and Jason McGee


Inside the Preferred DataSource Pattern

Greg Flurry , Jim Conallen , Kyle Brown,, Dr. Guenter Sauter , Mei Selvage, Eoin Lane


The Value of Patterns

Eoin Lane, Bob Patten, Kyle Brown, Jim Conallan, Janette Wong and Harini Srinivasan


The Top Java EE Best Practices

Keys Botzum, Kyle Brown, Ruth Willenborg, Albert Wong



Videos and Podcasts


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IBM PureApplication Client Experience and Adoption Trends


What's the first step organizations can take to realign their IT organizations?


How can IBM PureApplication help you break away from traditional Silos?


Why are CIO's being challenged to change their IT organizations?


What does an innovative and responsive IT organization look like?


How do roles and responsibilities change for IT Staff with PureSystems?


IMPACT 2014 Preview, Kyle Brown on Organizational Structure in PureApplication System

2 minute video series on PureApplication application onboarding, organizational changes and integrating with the datacenter


Mobile and New Companion Technologies


IBM PureApplication Systems Innovations for Business Continuity


Achieving Maximum Reusability with Patterns of Topologies


IBM PureApplication System Impact on Operations


Evolution of Operational Roles with PureApplication System


This week in DeveloperWorks interview on PureApplication Best Practices


What I did over my Summer vacation, or how social, cloud computing and the internet of things probably saved my life


Shortening the IT Lifecycle with Integrated Systems


PureApplication System, a new paradigm for application development and deployment







Modern Web Development with IBM WebSphere

Kyle Brown, Roland Barcia, Karl Bishop and Matthew Perrins, Pearson Publishing, Reading, MA, July 2014


IBM PureApplication System Best Practices

Amit P. Acharya, Tom Bal, Kyle Brown, Srinivas Cheemalapati, Rodrigo Costa, Venkata Gadepalli, Rajeev Gandhi, Erdinc Guler, James Kochuba, Rory O’Grady, Jose Ortiz, IBM Redbook, IBM International Technical Support Organization, February 2014


Persistence in the Enterprise: A Guide to Persistence Technologies

Geoffrey Hambrick, Kyle Brown, Roland Barcia, Kulvir Bhogal and Robert Peterson, Addison-Wesley, Reading MA, 2008


Java Testing Patterns

Jon Thomas, Matthew Young, Kyle Brown and Andrew Glover, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ, 2004


Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere, 2nd Edition 

Kyle Brown, Gary Craig, Greg Hester, Jim Amsden, Mark Weitzel, Daniel Berg, David Pitt & Russ Stinehour, Addison-Wesley, Reading MA, 2003


Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building and Deploying Messaging Solutions

Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf, with contributions from Kyle Brown, Conrad D’Cruz, Martin Fowler, Sean Neville, Michael Rettig and Jonathan Simon, Addison-Wesley, Reading MA, 2003


Workbook for WebSphere 4.0 AEs for Enterprise Java Beans

Kyle Brown, O’Reilly & Associates, Sebastapol, CA, 2002


Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere, Kyle Brown

Gary Craig, Greg Hester, Jaime Niswonger, David Pitt & Russ Stinehour, Addison-Wesley, Reading MA, 2001


The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion

Sherman Alpert, Kyle Brown and Bobby Woolf, Addison-Wesley, Reading MA, 1998