Iíve written or co-authored a number of books over the past several years. Information about them can be found here.  Each picture is a link to allow you to purchase the book on Amazon.com..

Persistence In the Enterprise: A Guide to Persistence Technologies

Itís been a while, but Iíve finally been part of a new book project.  This book began as an internal IBM Whitepaper comparing various persistence technologies, and evolved into a full scale book that covers implementing the standard persistence patterns with and evaluating the pros and cons of JDBC, Hibernate, JPA and PureQuery. 


Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere (2nd Edition)

In the three years since we wrote the first edition of EJP a lot has changed.  WebSphere has been through two entire product cycles, and the number of APIís that it implements increased dramatically as J2EE matured.  Also, VisualAge for Java was supeceded by the new WebSphere Studio Application Developer toolset.  As a result, we decided to update the EJP Book with a new edition.  Update -- hah!  It turned out to be a nearly complete rewrite.  However, in the end it was worth it.

The new edition adds a few new authors (all experienced developers from IBM, including the tool lead for the EJB tooling, Dan Berg) and covers not only J2EE 1.3, but Web Services as well.


Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing Building and Deploying Messaging Solutions

My next book project was actually one that came about in an odd way. When Martin Fowler was working on his wonderful book Patterns of Enterprise Application Architectures, he graciously came to meet with me in Raleigh on a few occasions so that I could help him review some of his patterns on Object-Relational mapping  During one of those meetings, the two of us discovered that there was an entire class of Enterprise patterns that were missing from his book -- those dealing with asynchonous messaging.  From that emerged a new project on Patterns of Enterprise Messaging. Bobby Woolf (my old co-author of the Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion) and Gregor Hohpe, ended up doing the bulk of the work on the book, with Martin and I contributing (among others)..

An online version of the work is available at enterpriseintegrationpatterns.com. Just after OOPSLA 2003, the book derived from this project became available in bookstores.


Workbook for Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition

After finishing the first Edition of EJP, Richard Monson-Haefel asked me to collaborate with him on a project that became the WebSphere Workbook for Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition. This book shows how to deploy and run the examples from Richard's excellent EJB book in WebSphere 4.0 AEs. It also contains, hints, tips, and best practices on EJB deployment for WebSphere 4.0. The book was originally published by Richardís company Titan books, but he later transferred the rights to OíReilly & Associates, who published his EJB book.

The book can be downloaded in PDF form for free from the OíReilly & Associates site, or can be ordered online in printed form from Amazon.


Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WebSphere (First Edition)

My second book (co-authored with Gary Craig, Greg Hester, Dave Pitt, Jaime Niswonger, and Russ Stinehour) is also available from Addison-Wesley

.Again, I was blessed with a wonderful author team, and a subject that I care deeply about. This one turned out to be quite a monster to write -- Enterprise Java (e.g. J2EE) is a large subject to begin with, and WebSphere and VAJ were not small things either! However, we did like what we we arrived at -- an all-in-one book for learning how to use WebSphere 3.5 and VAJ 3.5 together with the appropriate J2EE APIís.

Late in 2000, we published a sample chapter. Here is a link to order it from Amazon.

The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion

The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion was a book written by Sherman Alpert, myself, and Bobby Woolf, published by Addison-Wesley. Itís exactly what the title says to be -- a Companion volume for the seminal book Design Patterns, Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Design, by Gamma, Helms Johnson and Vlissides

I canít think of a better book for a first try at authoring. First of all, I had the support of the Gang of Four, all of which are great guys, and three of which Iíve been able to keep in close contact with and work with ever since. Second, I had a great writing team in my co-authors Bobby Woolf and Sherman Alpert. Finally, the subject is still one thatís close to my heart;

During its writing, we made several chapters available to the public for review. Those chapters (in their original form, not as published) are available for download below.


Chain of Responsibility






Template Method


We also have the source code from the various patterns available. Please note that this code is NOT in "file-in" form. Most of the source code in the Companion comes as small snippets of source code, not complete examples. However, feel free to use the code we do have available.

Creational Patterns Source Code

Structural Patterns Source Code

Behavioral Patterns Source Code


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